We have a history of bringing niche financial services to the marketplace.

Caz Creek Lending provides bridge financing and asset-based lending to commercial investors in a wide range of circumstances. Whether due to rapid growth or financial hardship, they have typically exhausted traditional credit options.

Helping commercial borrowers reach their financial goals.

Our asset-based lending is not merely a survival tool, although that certainly comes into play. It taps into existing value to provide capital with fewer covenants and more flexibility. Used proactively, it provides unique leverage for growth that cannot otherwise be utilized.

We can scale without outsourcing.

Backed by a substantial corporate infrastructure, Caz Creek Lending offers local market expertise, nationwide. From single-site projects to institutional developments, our financial and operational framework can facilitate long-term growth as far as you can see.

Caz Creek Lending is externally managed by Cazenovia Creek Investment Management, LLC, an affiliate of Hunt Companies, Inc. For more information on Hunt, please visit their website at www.huntcompanies.com