Short-term financing

A bridge loan is short-term capital, secured by real estate, which carries the investor to a liquidity event on the other side. This event could be an outright sale of the property, a major influx of investor funding or long-term financing after stabilization.

Creative deal structure gets things done

For some investors, bridge funding provides working capital for a business that is unrelated to the property securing the loan. In this circumstance, equity in commercial real estate assets is leveraged to expand the borrower’s enterprise in other assets.

Value & versatility

Institutional lenders are bound by a strict set of conditions. We are much more flexible, not limited by the same restrictions. Though usually faster than traditional lending sources, we deliver value that is more important than speed: versatility.

Bridge loans for business owners

We also offer bridge loans to small business owners that need fast money on property that is held free and clear or with substantial equity. Our bridge loans maximize your flexibility, enabling you to build, purchase, or rehab commercial property.

Property Types

Virtually any commercial real estate property

Loan Amounts *

$500,000 to $10,000,000 per parcel and/or guarantor

Loan Term

12 to 24 months, various extension options, interest-only payments


Individuals, entities, trusts; just no owner-occupied residences or non-profits


* Our family of companies facilitates individual projects in the hundreds of millions, funded through our institutional divisions.