Short-term financing options for construction

Our financing options for construction projects are short-term like all our offerings. The loan is secured by a First Lien / Deed of Trust, and funds the building or remodeling to be completed within our standard 12- to 24-month loan term. Although we are not a traditional long-term construction lender, a large portion of our business involves construction.

New Construction

Coupled with sponsor equity, we finance vertical construction projects of many types, if the end-use is commercial. We understand the funding needs of real estate developers, builders, and their contractors. Our mutually agreed upon draw schedules give as much weight to the completed value as possible. The more experience our sponsors bring, the more flexibility we have with deal structure.


Designed for rehab of commercial properties, our value-add loans finance everything from tenant improvement upgrades to complete redevelopment. Equity is highly valued, and our requirements are more flexible than traditional banks. Instead of giving equity to a long-term partner for a short-term fix, many well-informed investors leverage our financing. Funding options are less rigid with the consideration of completed value, as with our new construction loans.

SFR Fix & Flip Portfolios

Investors who continuously acquire, remodel and sell SFR real estate are important to the housing market and to our larger economy. We limit our financing in the sector to experienced investors that have several properties underway at any given time. Due to our higher minimum loan size, the “one-off” project is a better fit for smaller firms that specialize in fix & flips.